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Your Guide To The 2020/21 Epic Passes

September 25, 2020
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Vail Resorts’ new reservation system will take some time to get used to for all of us, but for the winter warrior already dreaming of powder turns, the best way to stay ahead of that curve is to purchase your passes now and reserve your ski days. There are three major passes this year, this article will help you decide which is the best for you.

Epic Pass

The full Epic Pass includes holiday access as well as 6 discount tickets to give away to your buddies.

Adult (Ages 13+) $999

Children (5-12) $509

The Full Epic Pass will include unlimited and unrestricted access to 38 resorts in The US, Canada and Australia. It will also include 5-7 days of access at over 30 more resorts around the world.

The Epic Pass is for those looking to get as many days as possible on the slopes this year or looking to explore resorts. Click HERE to get the full list of all the resorts included on the pass.

Epic Local Pass

Adult (Ages 19+) $749

Teen (Ages 13-18) $599

Child (Ages 5-12) $389

The Epic Local pass will give you unlimited and unrestricted access to 26 resorts across the US. From New Hampshire to Ohio to Colorado, there is enough access no matter where you reside. The Epic Local will also get you restricted and limited access to an additional 21 resorts across the US, Canada and Japan.

Carrying a smaller price tag, this is the top choice for most skiers and riders that live near a home resort but still want to explore others. Most weekend warriors are happy to skip the holiday lines, so the restrictions are not a problem. For a full breakdown of the Epic Local Pass visit HERE.

Epic Day Pass

Savings per day increased as you purchase more days

With Holiday Restrictions

Adult (Ages 13+) $112 per day

Child (Ages 5-12) $59 per day

Without Holiday Restrictions

Adult (Ages 13+) $133 per day

Child (Ages 5-12) $69 per day

Available from 1 - 7 days, this pass is for those planning a vacation to a specific resort for a planned amount of days. Purchasing the Epic Day pass will net you up to a 50% savings versus buying a lift ticket day of. Epic Day passes are available at most resorts, some ski areas require you to purchase 4 days or more. Please check HERE for the full breakdown.

Other Passes

The three passes above are not where Vail Resorts stops when it comes to getting you access to your favorite area. There are over 20 more passes that are more specific and tailored to your needs. From Ohio Resorts only to Military and Tahoe to The Northeast, there is truly a pass that will satisfy anyone.

Visit HERE to see all of the passes offered.

Epic Coverage

New this year, Epic Coverage will be included FREE with every pass. Epic Coverage provides refunds associated with illness, job loss, injury, and certain resort closures, such as any due to COVID-19.   It also protects your Priority Reservation Days on the mountain this season. Visit the Epic Coverage Page for complete details on how this new feature will protect you this winter.


There is no denying this winter will have its quirks but by purchasing your pass early and securing your daily reservations you will be set up to have an Epic winter.

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