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Vail's Snowpack is Stellar This Season

February 2, 2023
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If you haven't skied in Vail this winter, then you're missing out! The slopes have been phenomenal- a fact that is due, in part, to this season's exceptional snowpack!  


Everyone knows that snow is important to skiing. What few stop to consider, however, is the importance of moisture levels and cool weather. These factors impact the snowpack and longevity of the snow. This winter, Vail's snowpack is the best it has been in more than a decade! The last time it was this good was back in 2011. In fact, as of January 4th, the snowpack at Vail Mountain was found to be at an impressive 134% of the median. Skiers are being spoiled this season!

This bodes well for spring runoff throughout Colorado- but Vail Daily notes that "a lot can happen between now and the usual snowpack peak in late April or early May." We're hopeful that this trend will continue for the rest of the winter. Conditions have been ideal since the fall, so keep your fingers crossed for continued winter bliss on Vail Mountain followed by ample runoff in the spring! 


The current season snow total of 236 inches is steadily creeping upwards. OpenSnow currently predicts that Vail will see 3 inches of snow in the next five days, plus an additional 5 inches of snow beyond that. This is due to a snow storm that is expected to hit on Monday, February 6th. Skiers are excited to see yet another fresh layer of snow! 

Come make the most of this season's stellar snowpack! Plan your ski trip now!

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