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The Unexpected Thrill of Spring Skiing in Vail

January 23, 2024
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Spring skiing is the hidden gem of the ski season. During the spring months, most people have packed away their skis and snowboards, leaving the slopes wide open. Those who head to the resorts at that time get to enjoy a wonderfully unique experience. Ready to learn more? Read on to find out about the spring ski season in Vail! 


What’s So Special About Spring Skiing? 

Gone are the days of frigid winter. The spring ski season brings softer snow and sunshine! This makes the temperatures on the mountains much more comfortable, and it transforms the snow, making the slopes feel completely different. In the spring, the melt-freeze cycle creates “corn snow,” which is ideal for carving turns. It is a totally different way to ski! Pack your sunscreen and get ready for a whole new type of adventure on the spring slopes! 

You can monitor the conditions on the slope using https://opensnow.com/ 

The crowds are also smaller, creating a tranquil atmosphere on the slopes. Having fewer people around means the waits are shorter, the noise is reduced, and the disruptions are eliminated. You can hit the runs over and over without much hassle! Soak up the ski slopes at your own pace and take control of your skiing experience! 


Spring Skiing in Vail 

In the spring, Vail boasts stunning sunshine and sensational snowpack thanks to its high altitude. In fact, sometimes Vail doesn’t reach its deepest snowpack of the season until the spring! Typically, there’s corn snow throughout most of the day, but icy patches pop up now and then in the mornings or late afternoons. 

Crowds tend to be smaller compared to the crowds during the peak season, but there are busy spurts due to families and college students visiting on their spring breaks. 

There’s plenty to enjoy beyond skiing, though. You may also want to hike or bike scenic trails, take a relaxing soak in the hot springs, explore the shops in the charming village, or indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment while you’re in town! 


Spring Events 

Many ski resorts host special spring events and festivals, adding to the fun of spring skiing! You can expect live music, pond skims, costume contests, and plenty of good vibes. 

A few of the most popular events include…

  • Vail Legacy Weekend (February 24-25, 2024), which celebrates the legacy of Vail with a 10th Mountain Parade, Black Hawk landing, the anniversary of Riva Ridge Ski down, and other festivities
  • Taste of Vail (April 3-6, 2024), which invites guests to immerse themselves in world-class cuisine and premier wines 

For more, check out Vail Ski Resort’s event calendar: https://www.vail.com/explore-the-resort/activities-and-events/vail-events.aspx 

You still have ample time to enjoy skiing and other fun activities in Vail before the end of the ski season! Adventure awaits you this spring in Vail!

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