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Reasons why Vail is perfect for a Mother's Day getaway

May 9, 2018
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It is Mother's Day this Sunday and you still have time to plan a last minute escape to Vail as a surprise for that special woman in your life. Meteorologists are promising perfect weather for this weekend with clear skies and close to 70 degrees temperature. A few hiking trails are open and there are plenty of great restaurant and spa specials offered in town, so mom is guaranteed to have a great time. To help you plan the perfect day see out list below of Mother's Day celebration ideas.
The perfect brunch
Taking mom out for a celebratory breakfast is the best way to start this special Sunday. But the usual scrambled eggs and a boring cup of coffee does not exactly show her how important she is.
Find the extraordinary place, such as Vintage in Vail Village. This French brasserie-style restaurant serves Champagne breakfast that makes you feel you are in Paris. If you go later in the morning it might be warm enough to sit on the patio and enjoy the crisp mountain morning as you bite into a freshly baked croissant and sip a strawberry Champagne float. The atmosphere is very chic, the brunch cocktails go far beyond the usual Bloody Marry and Mimosas and the food is just superb.
Another great choice for a Mother's Day treat in Vail is the European breakfast buffet at the Sonnenalp. If you have ever wondered what the morning feels like for the Royal family, go to the Sonnenalp for their breakfast buffet and you will experience it. From the exquisite China, and the beautiful sun room hosting the buffet, to the attentive servers dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes it is a truly memorable experience. Of course the food itself is excellent and features traditional European pastries, traditional scrambled eggs, refreshing fruit salads and more. 
Moms like to shop. But what's open in the spring? You'd be surprised. For example, check out the spring collection at Perch where you can find designer accessories, handbags and shoes. A gift card to Perch could be a nice touch to add to a gift roll for Mom. You may want to check out Annie's in Vail for unique items that all moms love. Of course, your stop for cosmetics is the Cos Bar where once again, a gift card could be the perfect topperoffer.
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There are many great spas in Vail but for Mother's Day, we have to recommend Bloom for its spring motif
Spa treatment
For the grand finale the spa is a must include for your mother's day vacation or staycation. A good opportunity in Vail currently is the new Spa at Hotel Talisa, which just opened a few weeks ago. Being brand new, you may be able to find the most bang for the buck there. But there's always the classics, like Simply Massage, where a gift card is an easy add on. A favorite is inside the Sebastian Hotel, the Bloom Spa, which is aptly named for spring. 

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