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February Was Exceptionally Snowy in Vail!

March 6, 2023
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2022-2023 ski season has been one for the ages! If you haven't skied in Vail yet this season, then you're missing out. It's been exceptionally cold and snowy!  


February was an amazing month for snow accumulation. At the end of the month, a massive snow storm rolled in and brought massive amounts of snow to Eagle County. The snow total reached an astonishing 268 inches by the end of the month! For comparison, last year's season total was 264 inches. With seven weeks left in the season, Vail is expected to pass last season's total by a lot

Vail is currently at 115% of normal over a 30-year average. This is better than nearby Copper Mountain, which is at 101% of normal over a 30-year average. You can read more here: https://www.summitdaily.com/news/vail-mountain-blows-past-last-seasons-snow-total-with-more-powder-on-the-way/


March started with a bang. Snow fell during the first week of the month, and even more snow is on its way. OpenSnow is currently predicting a foot of snow in the next ten days or so. Accumulation is expected to sky rocket! Trust us- you don't want to skip spring skiing this year. 

For more on upcoming snowfall, see https://opensnow.com/location/vail 

Spring skiing is looking incredible! Plan your trip to Vail today! 

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