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Everybody Gets To Play When It’s a Snow Day…

February 12, 2016
Listen Now!

Oh the thrill of a snow day! It’s the perfect excuse to take some time off for a picture perfect day with Colorado blue skies and fresh deep powder. Gather your family and take some time to get out and enjoy a snow day in Vail.

Vail public schools closed today for the first time in decades. The 20-inch snowfall in 48 hours shut the schools down. This would be the third school closure for a winter storm in over a decade. Record snowfall means fun!

Recall with nostalgia the sense of joy and freedom of a simple day off. No excuses, no problems- just a white blanket of snow to wipe away all of our cares.

Plan your day off. Book a ski weekend or mid-week getaway and get a taste of the epic powder conditions in the Vail Valley.


 Eagle County Kids Enjoying a Snow Day 

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