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Craving Something Sweet? Check Out One of These Great Dessert Spots

January 24, 2022
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Vail is a great town for foodies. No matter what meal or cuisine you're after, Vail has the perfect place for it in town. With so much good food, it is easy to overlook some of the amazing but more under-the-radar options. Vail's dessert options are often overlooked, but no longer! Here are some of the delicious dessert spots that you should check out next time you're in Vail. 


Ice Cream: Sundae 

Sundae is a popular spot to grab ice cream. Focusing on hand-crafting small batches with unique flavors, these scratch-made ice creams are unreal. Find out more: https://www.sundaeicecream.com/ 

Soft Serve: Grand Ave. Grill

Grand Ave. Grill has premium soft serve in classic flavor options: chocolate, vanilla, and twist. What makes them unique is, first and foremost, the high quality of their soft serve, and second, the specialty shake options that they serve up! Find out more: https://www.grandavegrill.com/

European Pastries: Columbine Cafe & Bakery 

Located in Avon, Columbine Cafe & Bakery is an authentic European bakery that makes terrific pastries! There, you'll find cheesecakes, tarts, strudels, and many other tasty treats. Find out more: https://www.columbinecafe.com/Columbine_Cafe/Columbine_Cafe_%26_Bakery_,_Avon_CO.html

Crepes: Crespelle 

Crespelle is an excellent creperie that makes delicious crepes of all types- including some sensational sweet crepes! Find out more: http://www.crespellevail.com/ 

Chocolate: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 

If you're craving a classic chocolate dessert, then you should head to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. There, you'll find all sorts of chocolate goodies, truffles, and caramels. Find out more: https://www.rmcf.com/ 

What's your go-to dessert spot in Vail? Tell us in the comments! 

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