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Check out these 3 great restaurants next time you are in town

December 15, 2017
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There are so many great restaurants in the Vail Valley, which makes it really hard to name just one when somebody asks you "where is the best place to eat in town?" To narrow it down, here's three different restaurants  one for breakfast, one for lunch a one for dinner. Enjoy!

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Little Diner Executive Chef Brian Little dusting the German Pancake with powdered sugar.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that's especially true if you are planing on enjoying a full day on the mountain skiing or snowboarding. The breakfast restaurants in town open early, giving you enough time to fuel up for the day and not miss the first tracks. Locals and many visitors agree that the best breakfast in town can be found at The Little Diner. Located in Lionshead, this old-fashioned style diner is just steps away from Eagle Bahn Gondola. The menu is easy to navigate with just enough options to satisfy anybody’s idea of breakfast. Your food is cooked right in front of you from the best quality fresh ingredients. This is the closest you will get to home-cooked meal while vacationing in the valley. Among the favorites are The Taxi Driver Special, Corned Beef Hash and  the famous “Duch Baby” — also called German Pancak, a delicious air creation that's a must have.

Just two years old, Almersi in Vail Village is quickly becoming one of the most popular restaurants. The romantic alpine atmosphere and cozy location, perched up on the second floor overlooking Gondola One, makes this restaurant more than another eatery. Every single piece of decoration in the restaurant is brought to Vail directly from Europe — just like the German couple who runs the place. They came to Vail with the idea of blend some old country alpine cuisine with the charm of the Rocky Mountains. Some of the most unique items on the menu include German Glühwein Cocktail, the original Austrian Hutessen “Eat hat”. Also try the very special Schlitten-Fondue with a variety of fine dips and crusty bread. Make sure to leave space for some authentic European desserts like the Black Forest cake!

The Vail valley has so many high quality dinner options that you will need to stay in town for an entire winter to check them all out. But if you are looking for a less formal dinner place and you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your food, go to Bol. Bol, as the name suggests, is a bowling ally with a full service restaurant and creatively stocked bar. It is a great place to have an evening out with the kids or a fun date night. Bol offers some items that one would expect to see in a bowling alley, however they have raised the standards of preparation and quality. The restaurant also offers a children's menu and playful desserts as the perfect compliment to an already youthful selection. The Eaton Ranch Bol burger is not to miss, sourced locally from descendents of Vail Mountain founder Earl Eaton. 

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