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August is the time to test your fitness in Vail

August 3, 2019
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It is the middle of the summer, and Vail's schedule of events is full with mountain sports competitions and outdoors events for athletes of all fitness levels. Whether you want to watch the pros compete or check your own athletic abilities, you are guaranteed to find the perfect event. Below is our list of suggestions of exciting outdoors events coming to Vail in the next two weeks.    
Dynafit Berry Picker 5K Run
The Berry Picker trail race, which is many people's favorite run from the summer race series organized by Vail Recreation District, is happening this Saturday August 3rd. It offers a challenging course for the experienced runners and is definitely a bucket list race for the running and hiking enthusiasts. As the racers climb up the mountain, mostly following the Berry Picker hiking trail, they will be surrounded by the stunning views of the Gore Range and the lush forest vegetation. The race starts at the base of Gondola One and at 8 am and goes uphill over  mountain terrain of about 4.5 to the finish line at Mid-Vail. Spectators will be able to ride Gondola One to the finish area for free between 8 and 8:30. The cost of the race is $33 for preregistration, $38 week-of registration or $45 on race day.  
Wild Flower Walk
This summer has been phenomenal for wild flowers and if you can't get enough of that sweet floral aroma that is filling the air of our valley we highly recommend you take a hike with the Vail Nature Center Guides.The Wild Flower Walks are a great way to get a light exercise and learn about the different plants and the delicate balance that creates Vail's  diverse nature beauty. The walks are hour long and are offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by the naturalist from Walking Mountains Science center. Groups meet at 11:30 at Vail Nature Center and the fee is $5 for all age groups with no pre-registration needed.  
Kids adventure Games
Kids Adventure Games are coming back to Vail August 7th to the11th and regardless of your age this is an event you do not want to miss. This outdoors mountain themed competition is specially designed for children ages 6 to 14. It is a multi-discipline obstacle adventure race, where kids, in teams of 2, compete together on bike, in water and on foot through a unique 2.5 to 4 mile adventure course featuring up to 15 man made and natural obstacles.The weekend of fun starts with the YellowBelly Balance Bike Race on Thursday August 8. This is a free race complete with challenging and fun obstacles intended for the youngest adventurers ages 5 and under. Racers will be divided by their age and will compete in small groups. The Main event starts on Friday with the expert course competition, followed by the intermediate course on Saturday and closing with the beginners race course. Adults will have an opportunity to join in on the fun during the Keen Family Mud Run on Saturday afternoon. This race starts at 4:30 in Vail Village and everybody is invited to get muddy

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