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6 Best Decks on Vail Mountain

February 19, 2018
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The spring is approaching, the ski days are getting longer and sunnier and there is nothing better than enjoying your lunch outside, warming up in the sun. Vail Mountain has an abundance of great decks and seating areas inviting you to take and enjoy the amazing views. There is a perfect spot on the mountain for everybody, whether you are looking for the party or just want to relax and take in the crisp are. Below is our list of some of the must visit mountain decks.
Hawk’s Nest is tucked in near the top of High Noon Express Lift(#5), it is somewhat more secluded and offers unbeatable views to Blue Sky basin and the Mountain of the Holy Cross. A bonus to the views is the gas grill open to the public. So grab your buns and brats, take a few runs to work up an appetite and enjoy Hawk’s Nest deck but be advised that this place might get busy around lunch time on a sunny day.

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Henry’s Hut is probably one of the most popular outdoors lunch spots on the mountain. Located just to the side of Buffalo’s near Mountain Top Express Lift(#4) Henry's Hut is actually a yurt with a wooden deck and seating area around it. Henry’s Hut is names after the celebrity ski patrol dog Henry, who you can see just near by sitting on his post by ski patrol headquarters. This place is very popular among the lunch spots, partially because of the  gas grill, which is also open to the public. If the weather takes a turn on you go inside the yurt to warm up and enjoy the indoors seating area.
Another favorite spot among the BBQing skiers is Belle’s Camp in Blue Sky Basin. This deck is where the party during the spring days is. The bonus to this deck is the fact that you get to do some awesome riding through the famous back bowls on your way there. So put on your swim suit grab your grillables and head towards Belle’s Camp. The views from that decks are endless.
The Dawg House is a popular stop in Blue Sky, it is located right at the bottom of Pete’s Express Lift (#39). This place is especially popular with the powder lovers as it is convenient, fast and offers delicious food. Grab a dog and a drink, sit on a sunny table and take a break while watching the skiers and snowboarders pop out of the powdery trees. As with the other mountain decks, this one gets busy around lunch too, so be prepared to share your table and maybe make new friends.

If you are looking for an outdoors seating area with the most delicious quick bite, look no further. Windows Deck is very close to Wildwood Smoke House and everybody knows that Wildwood has some of the best BBQ in the Valley. Everything is cooked right there on the mountain; the cook staff works over night to prepare the slowcooked goodness. Once you have secured your BBQplate, sit down on the deck and enjoy the most amazing views of Sun Down Bowl and the Holy Cross.    
Jebbie’s Deck is the one you can see from Avanti Express Lift(#2). It is very easy to access, which make it ideal if you want have a fun lunch on the mountains with the kids or with friends who are not advanced skiers or riders. Jebbies' Deck is pretty big and usually not very busy but if you are planing to have a bigger party you should go there earlier or make arrangements. Also keep in mid that this outdoors seating are does not have a grill or a restaurant near by so plan on bringing picnic style foods.  

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