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3 activities your dog will love in Vail

October 13, 2015
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Enjoy the off-leash parks
Bighorn and Stephens Parks in Vail are dog-friendly parks where dogs are allowed to roam off the leash as long as they stay away from the playground areas and can be controlled using voice command. Stephens Park is located at S Frontage Rd W and Kinnkinnick Rd in the Intermountain neighborhood in West Vail with a grassy field area access to Gore Creek. Bighorn Park is located on the other side of Vail, in East Vail, located on Meadow Drive and Juniper Lane, and also has a large grassy area for your dog to roam around in. Bighorn Park also has access to hiking trails nearby, which brings us to our next dog friendly activity.
Go for an alpine hike
Hiking with your dog is one of the most popular activities in Vail and with the large trail system the town boasts, possibilities are endless. Pet pickup bags are usually provided at the trailheads, and you're going to want to make sure you use them as you're sharing the trails with hikers and mountain bikers, as well. The Vail Welcome Center, located above the ski museum at the top level of the Vail parking structure, can provide you with free hiking maps so you know all of your options. Leashes are encouraged but it's rare to see them used among dog hikers, but if your dog isn't used to encountering other dogs you may want to bring your leash as your chances of seeing another dog are high as this is such a popular activity in Vail. 
Have a drink
It's not uncommon to see dogs hanging out with their owners at the local bars and coffee shops. One popular bar in Lionshead, Bart & Yeti's, was actually named after two dogs. Inside the dog friendly hotel at the Four Seasons you'll find not only a bar but a nice coffee shop, as well. Across from the Four Seasons, The Sebastian is also a dog friendly hotel with many shops inside. At Local Joe's Pizza in the Sandstone neighborhood, you may feel like the odd person out if you don't have your dog with you. While places like Bart & Yeti's and Local Joe's may not openly advertise themselves as dog friendly, visit these places a few times and you will soon realize it's a don't ask, just assume policy.

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