is a place where residences (full and part time) and passionate visitors to the Vail Valley can share their experiences which will allow visitors to find out more about the place we call home.   We welcome your articles, photos, videos and more.  Share your favorite restaurant experiences, not-so-secret runs, hikes and overall activities.  

As residents of Eagle County, it's all of our responsiblity to make our guests experience as positive as possible as everyone.  We all recognize that a friendly experience on the chair lift, a kind interaction at the grocery store, or recommendations on your favorite restaurant when chatting with a visitor when on the town shuttle is what we do as being active members of our community. is the online way of welcoming guests before they get here.

And for taking your time and energy to contribute - we're giving back - to you and to the community.  For each content submission that our editor accepts and publishes, we'll do one of the following:

  • Give YOU a $5.00 gift card to Loaded Joe's (Vail/Avon)
  • Donate $10 to the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum*
  • Donate $10 to the Walking Mountains Science Center*

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